SelfLove: Product Review Nature’s Silk Bath and Body Essential



Recently I had a chance to network with the owner of the amazing Nature’s Silk Bath and Body Essentials, Denitra Houchins.  Her product line includes bath bombs, body scrubs, and body butters, completely made will all-natural products. I had been long overdue for a stress-relieving bath, so I decided to purchase a lavender mint bath bomb and it was nothing short of amazing.  From high end name brands to local farmer’s market sellers, I have used MANY bath bombs but this is by far is one of my favorites. It dissolved quickly, didn’t leave a grainy feeling in the water, and the finely chopped pieces of mint and lavender were not noticeable visually or physically. The scent was not over powering as with some other bath bombs I’ve tried and it left my skin feeling very smooth and soft. Nature’s Silk Bath and Body Essentials is a great product line with many quality products that also aren’t hard on the wallet, a must in my opinion. Not to mention is it an up and coming business from my hometown ran by a driven and dedicated women. I will definitely be purchasing more products in the future and you can too by visiting Denitra’s Facebook page or Instagram account for a list of her products and prices.



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