Spring Cleaning Must Haves

After a long miserable winter spring is finally here and in my household that means it’s time to clean, declutter, and organize. If you are like me having a neat and organized home can help lead to having a neat and organized mind. Getting rid of accumulated dirt, grime, and unwanted materials from your living space can act as a physical representation of removing these same types of things from your spirit. I know for many people cleaning is viewed as a tedious task complete with childhood memories of waking up to old school music and the smell of cleaning materials waiting to steal your weekend. However, with the right tools the messiest house can be cleansed with ease in minimal time.


Mrs. Jones Soapbox Products

I have been eyeing this cleaning line for some time and finally decided to try the Mini Combo Kit gift box set. I love that all of her products are made with all-natural products, making them better to use around my baby girl’s things.


Chalkboard Labels

My current obsession has to be chalkboard labels. I probably have labeled everything from my kitchen to my daughter’s bedroom. They are easy on the pocket and more stylish than plain old white paper labels.


Storage Bins

The items I have found most essential in keeping the house organized are storage bins. They provide a super easy method for keeping things out of the way to avoid cluttering. Home Goods always has really cute and decorative bins to use.


Oil Diffuser

Over the last few months I have become a certified essential oil junkie, making our oil diffuser a staple in my household.  At night I place it in my daughter’s room with lavender oil to help calm her before and while she sleeps. During the daytime my go to scents for a clean, energizing smell are a few drop of peppermint and orange essential oils; I add about 3 drops of each to my oil diffuser.


Let me know what products you use to get your home squeaky clean for springtime.





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