LifeSTYLE: Winter Hair Care

Originally this post was suppose to be my winter hair care routine, but since the weather has been unusually mixed in my area (60 degrees one day, snow flurries the next) I’ll instead share a few hair tips I’ve picked up to get your tresses winter ready.

Deep Condition Regularly: Being that I am relaxed, I make sure to deep condition once a week to ensure my hair is getting the moisture it needs. Co-Washing is also another way to lock in the moisture.

Protective Styling: Whether it’s braids, twist, or weaves, I am a fan of protective styling. Personally I’ve noticed that low manipulation styles have promoted my own hair growth, but you still have to remember to moisturize your hair and keep your ends tucked away.

Limit Heat Usage: This is probably one of my biggest hair care tips: put DOWN the flat iron! Daily heat usage can cause breakage and may be damaging your hair without you even noticing. Solution? Try a heat-less style such as roller sets or braid outs.  

Moisture: Cold weather can be very harsh on your hair. I know for a fact cold, dry air is not my friend since it leaves my hair feeling brittle, so moisture is a must. I manage to keep my hair hydrated by running a few drops of oil through it daily while also adding a bit more oil to my conditioner when I deep condition.

Healthy hair is the best hair! Leave your winter time hair care tip below.


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