MommyMode: H4HGirls Doll Review

With the holidays right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what to put under the tree for the little ones. My squishy little baby girl has grown into a full-blown sassy and imaginative preschooler, and one of her favorite things to do is taking care of her baby dolls. So, when I was contacted by Heart For Hearts Girls to review one of their dolls I knew she would love the chance to add to her little toy family.

Here’s a little about Hearts For Heart Girls:


Hearts For Hearts Girls was created to make a difference—for girls who play with dolls, for girls who care about others, and for girls around the world who face difficult challenges in their lives.

Brielle was sent Rahel; she is a beautiful 10-year-old from Ethiopia with vibrant traditional clothing and a crown full of natural-style soft curls. The first thing my daughter notice was Rahel’s curls while exclaiming, “ She has a big hair like me!” As a black parent, I love seeing positive images that my daughter can relate to because representation truly matters to young minds. One of our favorite things to do with Rahel was to try out different hairstyles. Since Rahel has much curlier hair  than some of the other dolls it is best to finger comb her hair instead of using the comb included in the box. My daughter’s favorite style is putting Rahel’s hair in two big puffs similar to her own.

We had fun playing with Rahel’s hair

Untitled design-2

Each doll comes with a heart charmed bracelet and mini book about her life. This book tells the story of Rahel’s life, family, and aspirations in Ethiopia along with explanations about real world issues she and her people face. For example, there is a portion of her story which explains how malaria is a big problem in her village and because of this her mother traveled to the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis- Ababa, to be trained in medicine to help her village. I thought this was a beautiful thing to include with the doll because it gives insight into the lives of other little girls whose stories may be similar to Rahel’s, teaching our kids empathy, compassion, and understanding.

Along with spreading the message of empowerment for girls and celebrating diversity, Hearts For Hearts Girls also donates a portion of each doll’s purchase to World Vision global humanitarian organization. World Vision uses its donations to help children in need around the world. HFHGirls Dolls are the perfect gift for any young girl by showcasing diversity, culture, uniqueness and reflecting their company’s mission statement “Change the world, One heart at a time.”

To my mommy friends, these dolls are a must have under your Christmas tree this year! Be sure to check out or their Facebook Page: Hearts For Hearts Girls.

Doll Facts:

Available in Target, Amazon, and specialty retailers.

Rahel — Ethiopia

Consuelo — Mexico

Nahji — India

Dell — USA

Available only on Amazon or specialty retailers

Tipi — Laos

Lauryce — USA (she’s from New Orleans)

**Lilian — Belarus is currently unavailable**


“Thanks Hearts For Hearts Girls for the doll!!!”- Brielle



6 thoughts on “MommyMode: H4HGirls Doll Review

  1. This doll is so adorable! I love her curly hair and that she comes with her own unique story. Such a beautiful and educational gift to share with little girls, especially this holiday season. I’ll definitely be going to get familiar with this brand. Thanks for sharing such a thorough review, lady!

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