#SelfCareChat: Tips

Life for me has been a little all over the place lately. From getting ready for the holidays, middle of the year testing for school, and daily life. I’ve been feeling out of focus and needed to be reminded of why I began myself care journey. In the video below I share a few of…

#QueensOfCare Self Care Challenge

  Queens, are you feeling overworked, uninspired, or do you simply need more ME time?   This self-care challenge is going to be the first step in building a relationship with yourself, instilling self-love, and confidence. You will get fun self-care tips and access to the first episode of the Queens of Care podcast where…

SelfLove: Walking in Your Purpose

Fear of failure has always been a roadblock in my life. I have always linked failure to disappointment and I never want to disappoint my loved ones around me. However, lately I’ve had time to reflect on the last 3 months specifically and I realized this fear of failure was creating roadblocks in my life….

#QueensOfCare: Self Care Challenge

Join me and the other #QueensOfCare for our Instagram challenge this week. Learn self care tips and participate for a chance to win an amazing self care bag featuring items from LUSH, body butters, and so much more.

SelfLove: Nourishing Your Mind

Lately I have been unplugging from social media and focusing more on my mental and physical well-being. One way I have done this is by diving back into my book collection. Whether it be for pleasure or gathering information, reading has been a lifelong passion of mine. Since I’ve been spending less time browsing timelines…