#QueensOfCare Self Care Challenge

  Queens, are you feeling overworked, uninspired, or do you simply need more ME time?   This self-care challenge is going to be the first step in building a relationship with yourself, instilling self-love, and confidence. You will get fun self-care tips and access to the first episode of the Queens of Care podcast where…

SelfLove: Walking in Your Purpose

Fear of failure has always been a roadblock in my life. I have always linked failure to disappointment and I never want to disappoint my loved ones around me. However, lately I’ve had time to reflect on the last 3 months specifically and I realized this fear of failure was creating roadblocks in my life….

#QueensOfCare: Self Care Challenge

Join me and the other #QueensOfCare for our Instagram challenge this week. Learn self care tips and participate for a chance to win an amazing self care bag featuring items from LUSH, body butters, and so much more.

SelfLove: Nourishing Your Mind

Lately I have been unplugging from social media and focusing more on my mental and physical well-being. One way I have done this is by diving back into my book collection. Whether it be for pleasure or gathering information, reading has been a lifelong passion of mine. Since I’ve been spending less time browsing timelines…

SelfLove: Nightly Self Care Routine

“Self care is a divine responsibility.” –Danielle LaPorte Self care has become a frequently used word in my daily life.  Initially I thought of self care as just taking care of your physical being(pedicures, washing your makeup off, etc). But as I continued to travel deeper into my self-love journey I have learned self care…