Faith Over Fear

I say choose FAITH. Choose faith over doubt. Choose faith over fear.

Fear held me back from a lot of things and often limited me in my business.

❤️Fear of looking stupid.

❤️Fear of others opinions

❤️Fear of doing Facebook lives

❤️Fear of being successful

But once I pushed my fears aside and focused on FAITH….everything became so much easier.

I want to help other women see how magnificent they are and help them gain a little financial freedom. No matter if you choose to work this business part-time, full-time, or as a hobby. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back.


As you all know I’m all about positivity and uplifting one another. So while watching YouTube today I came across a Covergirl ad that I truly felt needed to be shared. Covergirl has created #ProjectPDA (Public Display of Application) campaign to show that makeup is a form of art and should be celebrated. The campaign encourages makeup lovers to express themselves freely and not be ashamed of putting their makeup on in public. Thank you Covergirl for reminding us to be bold and unapologetic.
Check out the video below for more information and don’t forget to use #projectpda
***This is not a sponsored post***


LifeSTYLE: Winter Hair Care

Originally this post was suppose to be my winter hair care routine, but since the weather has been unusually mixed in my area (60 degrees one day, snow flurries the next) I’ll instead share a few hair tips I’ve picked up to get your tresses winter ready.

Deep Condition Regularly: Being that I am relaxed, I make sure to deep condition once a week to ensure my hair is getting the moisture it needs. Co-Washing is also another way to lock in the moisture.

Protective Styling: Whether it’s braids, twist, or weaves, I am a fan of protective styling. Personally I’ve noticed that low manipulation styles have promoted my own hair growth, but you still have to remember to moisturize your hair and keep your ends tucked away.

Limit Heat Usage: This is probably one of my biggest hair care tips: put DOWN the flat iron! Daily heat usage can cause breakage and may be damaging your hair without you even noticing. Solution? Try a heat-less style such as roller sets or braid outs.  

Moisture: Cold weather can be very harsh on your hair. I know for a fact cold, dry air is not my friend since it leaves my hair feeling brittle, so moisture is a must. I manage to keep my hair hydrated by running a few drops of oil through it daily while also adding a bit more oil to my conditioner when I deep condition.

Healthy hair is the best hair! Leave your winter time hair care tip below.


DIY: Turmeric Face Mask

Beginning as far back as high school, I have always been an advocate of healthy skin care. Like many unlucky teens I struggled with acne breakouts, making it a necessity to increase my skin care knowledge. As I got older my breakouts greatly decreased but I still maintained my healthy skin care regimen. Lately, because of the summer weather and an increase in exercise, I have noticed my face has not been as clear as it usually is. Being the natural product junkie I am, I did some research and discovered the benefits of using turmeric facial masks to help with my resurfaced skin issues. Turmeric powder aids in fading dark marks, creates glowing skin and helps fight acne without the use of any harsh chemicals. Youtuber Bianca Renee has an amazing tutorial on making and applying a homemade turmeric facial mask.




SelfLove: Product Review Nature’s Silk Bath and Body Essential



Recently I had a chance to network with the owner of the amazing Nature’s Silk Bath and Body Essentials, Denitra Houchins.  Her product line includes bath bombs, body scrubs, and body butters, completely made will all-natural products. I had been long overdue for a stress-relieving bath, so I decided to purchase a lavender mint bath bomb and it was nothing short of amazing.  From high end name brands to local farmer’s market sellers, I have used MANY bath bombs but this is by far is one of my favorites. It dissolved quickly, didn’t leave a grainy feeling in the water, and the finely chopped pieces of mint and lavender were not noticeable visually or physically. The scent was not over powering as with some other bath bombs I’ve tried and it left my skin feeling very smooth and soft. Nature’s Silk Bath and Body Essentials is a great product line with many quality products that also aren’t hard on the wallet, a must in my opinion. Not to mention is it an up and coming business from my hometown ran by a driven and dedicated women. I will definitely be purchasing more products in the future and you can too by visiting Denitra’s Facebook page or Instagram account for a list of her products and prices.



SelfLove: Relaxed Hair Goals

Hey Dolls,

Today I’m going to share with you a few of hair inspirations. My hair is relaxed and despite what some say relaxed hair can grow. As I continue on my healthy hair journey I wanted to share my hair goals and a few of my hair inspirations.

My Hair Goals


Build a Regimen: Sunday has always been wash day in my house. I want to create a solid hair routine to help me achieve my hair goals. Limited heat and protective styling will also be included in my hair regimen.

Fullness: Length is usually most people’s goal but I want to focus on fullness. I have naturally thick hair but after the birth of my daughter, I struggled with really bad post-partum hair shedding. So my hair isn’t as thick as it used especially around my edges.

Daily Vitamins: Recently I have been taking a daily multi-vitamin and a hair growth vitamin ( I will be reviewing this item later). Staying on schedule and remembering to take my vitamins is also essential in my hair journey. Treating the inside of your body healthy will reflect on the outside.

Water Intake: It funny I used to hate water but after choosing a healthier lifestyle water has became my new best friend. I notice when I’m drinking a lot of water my body feels great, my skin looks amazing and my hair seem to flourish. Just like I said above we have to work on taking care of our bodies from the inside out. For my readers who just do not like the taste of plain water, try buying a water bottle fruit infuser.

Hair Inspirations