Lifestyle: Friday Fit Tips

Now more so than ever, health and fitness is emerging to the forefront of our society’s consciousness. After years of research declaring that obesity and heart diseases are slowly killing us, our generation has fought back against the “super-size me” mindset and embraced               a lifestyle focused on better food choices and frequent exercise. Because of this, health and fitness information has become widely available across multiple mediums whenever you want it. However this does not mean everything available is safe or useful, especially when it comes to the way the fitness industry can prey on females. So the goal with Friday’s Fit Tips is to provide links to good quality info so that you can educate yourself and slowly add to your own health and fitness toolbox. And with that we’ll get into today’s fit tips…
Squat: It Does A Body (And A Booty) Good

Squatting is known by many as the “king of all exercises/lifts”. It’s a movement pattern that is initially utilized as a toddler, but as we grow older (and stiffer) proper squatting can become a bit of a problem for some. This article goes into the details of correct vs incorrect squatting while also providing some progressions and variations to help work our way back to squatting safely. Doing squats may help sculpt the lower body you desire but it’s just as important to do them correctly and safely.
5 Ways Busy Moms Can Get And Stay Fit

Moms can be the hardest working people on this planet, both in and out of the gym. Unlike those free of parental responsibilities, making time to focus on things like exercise and proper diet is possible but can be a bit of a hassle when you’re constantly chasing toddlers around. By reading this article, you will be exposed to 5 useful strategies for making a healthy lifestyle work for you moms out there.

How to Stick to Your Diet

Strength coach and fitness writer Nia Shanks provides a very sane method to help those struggling to stay on track with their new healthy diet with this piece. It’s based around the idea that eating healthy is supposed to be a sustainable lifestyle change and by trying to completely remove every “bad” food you love you’re setting yourself up for failure. I don’t want to give it all away so take a minute and give this a good read.



MommyMoments: Frozen Applesauce Dots


Hey Loves,

I’m back with a yummy frozen treat for your little ones. Today we’ll be diving into a Pinterest-inspired recipe for frozen applesauce dots. Since my daughter has been teething on and off for the past couple of months I have been looking for an alternative to sugary Popsicles. While browsing one day I stumble upon a pin about frozen applesauce dots and decided to try it out.


Wash and cut apples into chunks (I used three apples)


Place apple in a saucepan and add enough water to almost cover the apples. Boil on medium to high heat until apples are completely soft.

Let apples cool. Blend/Puree apples into a smooth consistency. Stir and check for lumps. (I also add a dash on cinnamon for taste)


Place desired amount into sandwich bag and cut the tip off one corner to make it easy to squeeze out your dots. (I used about 3 ½ tablespoons for mine. The rest of the puree was used as applesauce) Cover a cookie sheet with wax paper and make your applesauce dots. Size is a personal preferences, I made mine bite size for my daughter.

Place your cookies sheet in the freeze (It took about 2 hours for my dots to freeze). Once dots are frozen store in a freeze safe bag or container.


My daughter absolutely loved this snack and it has become a staple in our household. Let me know if you have tried this or something similar to this. Be sure to tag your pictures #beesosimple so I can check out your recipes.