MommyMode: After School Snacks


I hit a parenting milestone: my once squishy, chubby face baby girl is now a 3 year old toddler. Even though she’s still a little body her eating habits have grown and grown each and every year. Between being more active at school (she’s in the big toddler’s room now, Yay!) and random growth spurts her appetite has increased to the size of a grown man. Lately I’ve noticed after school she has started asking for a snack to hold her over until dinner. In the past her post-daycare snack was gummy fruit snacks or crackers. However, incorporating healthier whole foods into my family’s diet has been a recent goal of mine so the junky food had to go. I always want to be the best role model for my daughter and one way I can do that is by making sure she starts learning healthy eating habits early.




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Lifestyle: Friday Fit Tips

Now more so than ever, health and fitness is emerging to the forefront of our society’s consciousness. After years of research declaring that obesity and heart diseases are slowly killing us, our generation has fought back against the “super-size me” mindset and embraced               a lifestyle focused on better food choices and frequent exercise. Because of this, health and fitness information has become widely available across multiple mediums whenever you want it. However this does not mean everything available is safe or useful, especially when it comes to the way the fitness industry can prey on females. So the goal with Friday’s Fit Tips is to provide links to good quality info so that you can educate yourself and slowly add to your own health and fitness toolbox. And with that we’ll get into today’s fit tips…
Squat: It Does A Body (And A Booty) Good

Squatting is known by many as the “king of all exercises/lifts”. It’s a movement pattern that is initially utilized as a toddler, but as we grow older (and stiffer) proper squatting can become a bit of a problem for some. This article goes into the details of correct vs incorrect squatting while also providing some progressions and variations to help work our way back to squatting safely. Doing squats may help sculpt the lower body you desire but it’s just as important to do them correctly and safely.
5 Ways Busy Moms Can Get And Stay Fit

Moms can be the hardest working people on this planet, both in and out of the gym. Unlike those free of parental responsibilities, making time to focus on things like exercise and proper diet is possible but can be a bit of a hassle when you’re constantly chasing toddlers around. By reading this article, you will be exposed to 5 useful strategies for making a healthy lifestyle work for you moms out there.

How to Stick to Your Diet

Strength coach and fitness writer Nia Shanks provides a very sane method to help those struggling to stay on track with their new healthy diet with this piece. It’s based around the idea that eating healthy is supposed to be a sustainable lifestyle change and by trying to completely remove every “bad” food you love you’re setting yourself up for failure. I don’t want to give it all away so take a minute and give this a good read.



MommyMoment: Cold Essentials

The dreaded cold has taken over my household several times within the last few months. Colds are tough on all of us, especially our little ones. So I want to share with you the cold essentials I use for my daughter when she is feeling under weather.

Humidifier: Adding moisture in the air can help loosen chest congestion and relieve dry cough. I prefer a warm mist humidifier (out of reach of the little one) while adding a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil to water.

Baby Vicks Vapor Rub: At bedtime I run vapor rub on my daughter’s chest and back to help relieve congestion. Although this may sound like an old wives method, I’ve also rubbed some of gel on the bottom of her feet before putting white socks on her prior to bed. I have no idea how or why, but it always seems to help.

Johnson & Johnson Soothing Vapor Bubble Bath: A warm bubble bath is always a great way to calm and relax your little one when they are feeling sick. This particular bubble bath has hints of rosemary and eucalyptus.

NoseFrida: Say goodbye to fighting your little one to blow/bulb syringe their runny little nostrils. Though it may seem a little strange, the NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator is easy to use and sucks all of the snot out without starting a war with your child. Partnered with a saline solution, this is a must have for a stuffy nose.

Boogie Wipes: Running noses are never fun and I hate using tissues which can leave my daughters nose raw and sore. Boogie Wipes are nice saline solution alternative to wipe your kiddo’s nose without leaving it dry.

Let me know some if your cold essentials in the comment section below.



SimpleTalk: Embrace Your Strength

***Thanks to my AMAZING Husband for writing this article***

Embrace Your Strength: Why Women Should Lift Weights

In the last 4-5 years weight rooms have seen a pretty big influx of females looking to do some serious damage. Soccer moms, college students, nurses, and even grandmothers are no longer limiting themselves to the pink 2lb. dumbbells in the cardio room. Rather, they’re rowing, squatting, and deadlifting more than many of the so-called “aspiring bodybuilder” guys around them. After reading this I bet your response (as with many ladies) is something like, “well those chicks must be big, monstrous, and bulky to lift those kinds of weights.” Honestly this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Take a look at these women who are proud to declare their avid use of heavy weights and I doubt you’ll qualify any of them as “big and bulky”.

fit edit]

Don’t trip though. The idea that heavy weightlifting will result in an undesirable body type is a common misconception and unfortunately us guys aren’t helping. Yeah there are plenty of good dudes out there encouraging women to dominate in the gym, but for every one guy like this there are five more telling females:

“Don’t get too muscular. Guys don’t like a bulky woman.”
“Maybe you should focus on losing weight instead of lifting it.”

As a result of BS talk like this many women feel as if they should never leave the cardio room for fear of looking like The Rock if they touch a barbell.

As a man I apologize for my dumb counterparts. They have no clue what they’re talking about.

In reality weight training offers a plethora of physical and mental benefits for men and women alike. Do you need the physical strength to move a TV without having to call someone over? Weight training can help. Would you like the confidence to take on challenges at work or school that no one else will? Weight training can help. Do you want to continue being independent into old age by having strong bones and a body that can prevent and withstand falls? Weight training can help. With all of these benefits, on top of potentially looking like a demi-goddess, weight lifting should definitely become part any female’s exercise routine.

If you’d like more in-depth and detailed information on this subject check out the articles listed below. Embrace your strength!

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