LifeSTYLE: Winter Hair Care

Originally this post was suppose to be my winter hair care routine, but since the weather has been unusually mixed in my area (60 degrees one day, snow flurries the next) I’ll instead share a few hair tips I’ve picked up to get your tresses winter ready.

Deep Condition Regularly: Being that I am relaxed, I make sure to deep condition once a week to ensure my hair is getting the moisture it needs. Co-Washing is also another way to lock in the moisture.

Protective Styling: Whether it’s braids, twist, or weaves, I am a fan of protective styling. Personally I’ve noticed that low manipulation styles have promoted my own hair growth, but you still have to remember to moisturize your hair and keep your ends tucked away.

Limit Heat Usage: This is probably one of my biggest hair care tips: put DOWN the flat iron! Daily heat usage can cause breakage and may be damaging your hair without you even noticing. Solution? Try a heat-less style such as roller sets or braid outs.  

Moisture: Cold weather can be very harsh on your hair. I know for a fact cold, dry air is not my friend since it leaves my hair feeling brittle, so moisture is a must. I manage to keep my hair hydrated by running a few drops of oil through it daily while also adding a bit more oil to my conditioner when I deep condition.

Healthy hair is the best hair! Leave your winter time hair care tip below.


Mom Edition: Back to School Must Haves

Although it seems like summer has just began, school is back in session for our little ones and many parents will want to know the must-have items for the new year. Aside from running BeeSoSimple, I spend my weekdays teaching a wonderful group of 2nd graders; meaning I have the benefit of having the perspective of an educator and a mother simultaneously. So it’s only right that I share my insight with all of the hard working and active moms reading. Now, most teachers may send home a list of items for students to have in the classroom, but today I’m sharing a special must-have list tailored towards busy moms. No matter if you are a part time, full time, stay-at-home or a mompreneur this list is for you.

Planner: I will be the first to admit that I’d be so lost without my planner; it truly is my lifesaver. One of my new year goals was to be more organized, so writing down my events of the day, workout schedule, and Brielle’s gymnastics classes has helped me keep track of everything and eliminate a little stress in my life.

Tote/Bookbag: As I mentioned above I am a teacher, which means at the beginning and end of my work day I’m lugging around lesson plan books, a school issued tablet, and a laptop to and from home. Instead of carrying multiple bags as I have in the past, I have settled on carrying a stylish book bag to keep my work related items in. This book bag will not take place of my purse but it’s great storage for items I need during the day that won’t fit in my purse.

Coffee Mug: “But First Coffee.” This honestly should be my personal motto. Coffee is a must when Will and I have been up and down all night dealing with a fussy toddler and I have a jam-packed day ahead of me. If you make your coffee at home or make a stop at your local Starbucks, having something cute to put your coffee in can help start the day so much better.

Mom Hat: Target runs,  picking the kiddos up from school, and last minute lunch dates are just a few examples of short notice events that may catch you and your hair off guard. Every momma needs a collection of go-to hats for those instances when we just don’t have time to go the extra beauty mile.

Dry Erase Calendar: Let’s be honest, being a mom has a million side jobs that go with it and it’s easy for us to forget something every once in awhile. Solution: a dry erase calendar. We keep our calendar on a wall in the kitchen where everyone can see and modify it as needed. Not only does it show our daily schedules and routines on it, but it helps us keep track of upcoming appointments, bills, and events. What I love most about the calendar is how easy it is to change while still helping keep the whole family on the same page.




SelfLove: Too Critical

(featured image via @elayna_thejunoesque)

From the need to feel perfect to being the best at any of my personal endeavors, I have always been my own biggest critic. If I wanted to try and create a positive spin on this I could say being hypercritical of myself makes it extremely easy to take criticism at work or maybe that it helps me stay organized to prevent being unprepared. But in all honesty being my own biggest critic causes me to overthink literally everything to the point that it stresses me out and causes me to have self-doubts. These feelings have led to me try and find different outlets to help root out the negativity and lately writing has been my therapy. In the evening, as I’m winding down, I take the time to write myself a note of encouragement or a mantra to repeat when I need clarity or guidance.


Some habits are extremely hard to kill but as I travel through my self-love journey I will continue finding ways to help me overcome. I’ve been focusing on not being so hard on myself and accepting that sometimes it’s okay to be a hot mess. At some point in this lifetime, I will learn to accept my flaws, embrace my imperfections and enjoy just being me.


Spring Cleaning Must Haves

After a long miserable winter spring is finally here and in my household that means it’s time to clean, declutter, and organize. If you are like me having a neat and organized home can help lead to having a neat and organized mind. Getting rid of accumulated dirt, grime, and unwanted materials from your living space can act as a physical representation of removing these same types of things from your spirit. I know for many people cleaning is viewed as a tedious task complete with childhood memories of waking up to old school music and the smell of cleaning materials waiting to steal your weekend. However, with the right tools the messiest house can be cleansed with ease in minimal time.


Mrs. Jones Soapbox Products

I have been eyeing this cleaning line for some time and finally decided to try the Mini Combo Kit gift box set. I love that all of her products are made with all-natural products, making them better to use around my baby girl’s things.


Chalkboard Labels

My current obsession has to be chalkboard labels. I probably have labeled everything from my kitchen to my daughter’s bedroom. They are easy on the pocket and more stylish than plain old white paper labels.


Storage Bins

The items I have found most essential in keeping the house organized are storage bins. They provide a super easy method for keeping things out of the way to avoid cluttering. Home Goods always has really cute and decorative bins to use.


Oil Diffuser

Over the last few months I have become a certified essential oil junkie, making our oil diffuser a staple in my household.  At night I place it in my daughter’s room with lavender oil to help calm her before and while she sleeps. During the daytime my go to scents for a clean, energizing smell are a few drop of peppermint and orange essential oils; I add about 3 drops of each to my oil diffuser.


Let me know what products you use to get your home squeaky clean for springtime.





SelfLove: Top 5

As many of you know life can be overwhelming. A student may struggle finding time to study while maintaining a social life on a near non-existent budget, while a single parent could be juggling a career, bills, and family duties with minimal help. With these and other similar cases it’s good to take a step back and regain focus. As I may have mentioned before, my personal focal point for the year is self-care and healing. So today I wanted to share my top 5 essential items and ideas to give your mind and body a little TLC.




  1. Journaling- To me, writing on paper is beautiful thing. Lately I have been taking time out of my day to write down thoughts or words of inspiration for a positive mental break.
  2. Love in My Language by: Alex Elle
  3. Green Tea Body Butter by Butter Me Up- I love body butters especially in the colder months. I adore the blend of Shea butter and the hint of the green tea which makes this my go to scent at the moment
  4. Loose Leaf Tea- I am a tea junkie and nothing makes my day like a good cup of tea. My current favorite is an Indian Spice loose leaf blend from my local Healthy Market.
  5. Incense – Nothing puts me in a relaxed mood like burning incense.



What are you favorite items for self-care and healing? Feel free to share on either my IG or Twitter accounts!