SimpleTalk: Finding Myself

In about one month I will be turning 26 and I can honestly say I am happy with the person I am today. It took a while but I’ve made it to a place where I look in the mirror and love the person smiling back unconditionally.  Self-esteem was never a big issue with me outside of the normal insecurities we all go through.  I always carried myself with respect and pride, but in my early 20’s I struggled with figuring out who I was in this universe. I knew I couldn’t box myself into a single category because I’ve always been a multilayered person. By 24 I had a clearer understanding of who I was:  A woman who enjoys laughing at random things, has a big heart and sometimes gets a tad over emotional, is a protector to my loved ones, loving, Appalachian-raised girl with big ambition, and a lover of life. Fast forward almost two years later and I still believe I am all of those things with the additions of becoming a wife and most importantly mother. I’m a firm believer in change being natural and ongoing. My foundation is set on the aspects that make me who I am but different materials are added here and there to help keep me supported and grounded.



SimpleTalk: Mommy Moments

I can honestly say having my daughter showed me the true definition of love. In October I’ll be entering my 10 month milestone of motherhood and it has been amazing. Of course there are days when I feel I’m completely crashing and burning at this motherhood thing but then there are days that I feel I deserve the mother of the year award. This post is not meant to give any advice about being a mom, but rather show that being a mom can be a crazy emotional rollercoaster ride full of drops and turns. Just make sure to hold on tight because the thrill is different for each person 🙂

So today I’d like to share with you my top ten mommy moments.

  1. Seeing my baby girl for the first time
  2. Her first gassy smile
  3. Before she could crawl she would slide on her belly like a walrus across the floor
  4. The first time she bumped her head
  5. The fact I can say anything and she will crack up laughing
  6. Watching her interact with her dad
  7. Standing and clapping like a big girl
  8. Cuddles when she is feeling sick
  9. Countless hour of Jake and the Neverland Pirates (seriously I easily know the theme song by heart)
  10. Most of all she has given my life so much more meaning while inspiring me to work hard and enjoy every second of life.


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